Friday, August 29, 2008

Things i cannot handle

Things I cant handle (cant is an inappropriate word-I’d say things difficult to handle)
Discussion with immature, foolish and arrogant people who are least bothered and still discussing.
Eating food which I do not like
Falling in love even when you know its not going to work out.
Baseless Arguments
Living without Internet
Doing things which i don’t want to
Sitting idle doing nothing

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My favourite Songs

the songs which i never get tired listening to
tujse naraaz nahi zindagi.this song is amazingly sung and i am very emotionally attached to it.
I need to know- Marc sometimes describes my state of mind.cos there is something which i need to know. :)
Goodbye my lover - James Blunt: Bit too emotional but still i like it
Sochna kya jo bhi hoga dekha jayega- i have been listening to it since i was a kid and loved it since then
then there are loads of others which always soothes my mind and makes me feel good about life like the title track of lakshya, Aashaayein from the movie Iqbal

i want to write more

Since i learned about this blogging thing.i want to write so many things here but time is less and i have lots of other things to do as well :)
but there will be tomorrow and i will do it.i have to sleep now.

Admission blooper

Life is really unpredictable.Few months ago i had decided i would take up admission in MBA after giving the entrance exam.i studied so hard for that exam too.Result was not as expected but it was not such as i would not get anywhere.i went for the counselling with my mom and dad thinking i would take up admission in a college in Ahmedabad whichever college i would get.
i saw in front of the computer except for the top 4-5 colleges i was getting admission in all of the colleges existing for MBA in Gujarat.but it is rightly said you never listen to your mind.
Finally you only do what your heart would say.At that point of time my heart said i m not meant to go in this i did not take mom and dad were shocked by my decision but that is okay as long as i m okay with it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

mistakes,life and relationships

mistakes teach you a lot ..knowingly or unknowingly.
however it may also depend how a person takes it.
relationship is a complex word though.
you cant be sure if its going to last forever or just for few months or few years.
but u live your life in those few years or few moments ...
its rightly said that whole life spent may be meaningless but a few moments spent with someone who loves u the same is real LIFE LIVED !!!
I wish my whole life would be lived like that.sometimes things just go wrong or may be people are wrong.